Run By : Sri Vigneshwara Educational Trust
Approved by : AICTE-NEW DELHI / Affiliated to : DOTE-CHENNAI


Career Management

Career Management of the students is the responsibility of the Training and Placement Cell (TPC), that is committed to provide the best career opportunities to the students by maintaining close rapport with the corporate.

Training and Placement Cell invites organizations to recruit students for the following categories of jobs.

The cell generates awareness among the students about the industry by organizing guest lectures, panel discussions, and workshops from time to time. Active participation in these events is an efficient way for recruiting companies to apprise students at the campus itself. It offer a full range of support for students including workshops and career fairs. Selected activities are listed below.

Effective Resume Writing Techniques--

Resumes will include experience that demonstrates the skills and knowledge important to a new career as well as the new expertise obtained during class. The Training and Placement Cell regularly arranges resume writing workshops during the school year.

Effective Interviewing Techniques--

Interviewing techniques include making a positive first impression and building on that impression. The confidence students develop during the career training will be projected during the interviews with employers. The Training and Placement Cell offers individualized sessions on interview training.

Interview Opportunities--

Training and Placement Cell will assist with employment contacts during the final portion of professional training. The majority of our graduates obtain positions almost immediately after they graduate. Many of the positions which our graduates accept are not advertised publicly, but are obtained through the Training and Placement Cell .

Career Planning & Placement Assistance--

This service is provided throughout the normal course of study by instructors and the Training and Placement Cell Coordinator. This team will help each student with a detailed job search during and the last phase of the program. Since companies are looking for serious employees, grades and class attendance have a great influence on the success of the job search. Everyone's best efforts are important to reach the goal. Training and Placement Cell will help in this search, but cannot guarantee employment.

Career-Long Placement--

Placement assistance is always available to alumni.